the slave market by gustave boulanger

The Slave Market

“The Slave Market” by Gustave Boulanger She was my slave once. When my kingdom was ordered and the Libyan’s weren’t in contact with those rough hispid people. Now we’re here. The auctioneer merchant seller sits and eats. CRUNCH. CRUNCH. The strong man looks down at him & at his wife and son. They would be…

Self Portrait 1922

Self Portrait 1922 by Frida Kahlo Wearing that great purple dress — is that really what you wore today? Yes. Of course you did. You always do as you like — always. You grew up to be ME, didn’t you; I never lost those eyes.

Phryne revealed before the Areopagus

“Phryne revealed before the Areopagus” by Jean-Léon Gérôme Naked skin intense light looking away from them at nothing My lover took off my clothes bared my to every red robed man Ashamed and wanted to not cry as they judged me with panicked alarm Ahead of me was my goddess even she turned away turned…