Bucket List

40 Before 40

Fit Life:
1. Reach weight goal of 240lbs
2. Really start paleo diet
3. Run 5K, road and/or trail, race
4. Reach pants sizes of 44 waists
5. Get weights for the house and/or get gym membership

Spiritual Life:
6. What form of Buddhist I’m I
7. Read the whole Dhammapada
8. Help a stranger out for no reason
9. Read the Psalms
10. Find a church

Travel Life:
11. Take a cruise
12. Go on the train for a vacation
13. Renew out honeymoon in Manchester, England where we first met
14. Go to the Northern Lights from Alaska
15. Go on the camping trip

Nerd Life:
16. Gain 100 followers for this blog
17. Read 100 short stories/novels/poem books
18. Get a photo diary of one moment of every day
19. Start my blog on a dot com
20. Start a public reading list to shame me into doing what the Speech Pathologist said {01-27-2014 GoodReads}(trying to make it a WordPress page)

Real Life:
21. Become a father
22. Renew vows on a beach on Puerto Rico
23. Publish a book
24. Get Master’s Degree done
25. Get better so I can do PhD
26. Do my dissertation before Fall 2014
27. Complete Buddhist pilgrimage to the holy sites
28. Go back to taking classes
29. Open letter to my children
30. Start saving for retirement
31. Take Salsa dancing classes
32. Plant a tree
33. Stay quiet when others talk
34. Meditate once a week
35. Meet three new people
36. Pick a creative writing Master’s Degree program {University of Manchester}
37. Complete Bachelor’s Degree english literature program {Spring, 2010 CCSU}
38. Get a service dog
39. Get back to Spoken Word poetry
40. Get a library card {Jan 2014 HTDF,CT Library}{}

Look at the Bucket List @ The Word of a Nerd


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