i really don’t know what to say about my political leanings. i hate the ballot box because it is just another form of tyranny. you don’t vote for who will do the best job, but for who has been the best at catching your attention for the past year or so and that just doesn’t seem to be a good plan. i believe that George Washington said it best in his farewell speech — that the only thing he feared was the rising of cowards to power. Look around, what is anyone in senate, judiciary, or presidency really doing for the people they purport to help. they help the one percent that votes at the expense of the ninety-nine percent that cannot get out to vote. make voting mandatory, like in other countries, and make it unlawful for businesses to keep their working from voting ans see things start to change. when everyone’s voice is heard the cacophony of change can’t be misunderstood.


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