NaPoWriMo: spring

is it summer again—
not yet this in a windy spring.
different palm trees
blowing in that South Shore waves.

It’s funny, Ocean
is colder, days are not bright;
but everything
seems bright and warm to a baby.

is it summer again—
or have I remembered you.
today I cooked
my receta of yours;

it took me a while
to look it up on Google:
harina de maíz
with so much coconut milk.

is it summer again—
San Francisco is so blah;
everyone is “Rich”
or outstanding on dept.

only 5 natives
& a sit load of foreigners
& “tech firms” that care
little but say they do often.

is it summer again—
it is always autumn here;
there there there it is
rainbows and lollipops
or arroz con gandules
set inside your home, our porch.

is it summer again—
maybe in a little while
can you year that plane,
cars, trunks, alarms and the people.

that crane, in summer,
flying about your, our, home
on the hill, can’t see
your face, your hair and your skin.

I can’t think of pictures
of you and me do exist;
but those that matter
not that I can’t remember remember.

it must be spring time
birds chipping, grands and there kid’s
kids crossing by me;
there are laughing and holding hands
and I miss you—all of you.

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