Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?


They we where. 18. Filled with dubious doubt
& a love hate kind of feeling for day,
and weeks and mouths that we have felt to end
out sojourn on public high school. Ending
where better than starting right here right then
and there, I passed the freshman, everything
the same. Custom. Hug. Then hug every day,
up down hallways, gave daps gave highs like dead
winter night 40F bums out there
not crying not laughing just just keep them
out. But @ school we were who will thought we
should be: unafraid pretty rebels. Week
in week out. Weekend we were our mothers
and families, anyone who had money.


They were this palm tree on a beach down some-
where hot girl woman goddess a statue
of Latin American good ol’ pride.
Hair short black curly, skin bronze pliable,
eyes like undisturbed river of her
homeland; before classes before
anymore could see I worked her hard breasts.
That girl — R. — I guess I hard a thing for
her could not say did not say. In future
now passed she ended with husband many
more 4 kids many more & writing me.
Me, R., and the past that never will
forget to try my sanity and will.


And then my chance, Saint Valentine’s Day
would be my D-Day my Rome falls for us day.
Lights and action and “No way in like Hell”
I will miss this yearly occurrence, happy
will not let me orwill not let me
stay (this happened until I get married).
I stalked the halls around for HER and guess
what: this day of days: this moment
clad in shade like ghosts because she is not
here coming or going. Even the TOY NUT
doesn’t know where she is. Oh well. Oh well;
some I don’t know her name girl gave wellspring
of cards because we where friends before be-
fore when I was young I knew it.


Late in the after-
noon, I walked down trodden
to the city river;
friends were heading home heading
for what have you — a pace.

Karma dharma doesn’t wait.

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