To Late To Return

Looking at the picture on my phone while Mom and new husband battle the crazy weather, New York to/from Connecticut traffic, and each other to get us to the airport safely.

It was Saturday. We where picking my sister up in JFK. She went to school in Jogja. I went to my married life in Alameda. Now, back with family, it felt weird, awful and somewhat disturbing being back.

Connecticut was cold. New York was cold.

I wanted to pack myself up in my wife’s arms and just go to sleep.

I needed to sleep.

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6 thoughts on “To Late To Return

  1. Reading this, I am left intrigued. Why does he need to sleep? I’m thinking that there’s been a personal trauma which is mirrored in the weather. And is it to do with ‘Mom’s new husband’? Interesting take on the prompt. Ann

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