A-Z Soup: Letter “Z”

zebra crossing 1 on Trumbull Street

zebra crossing 2 on Trumbull Street

And, here I go again. Starting something new for the hell of it.

zigzag pattern 1 on architecture

This year I have ti finish my stuff. All of it. Dissertation? This year its going to happen. But now this is for me, a photo challenge, a alphabet soup. I’m started this from the Letter zed.

Zero: this clock is never changeing

What I’m doing is taking the letter, and just taking pictures of every word that I can think of that begins with that letter. So “r” equals raven(s).This is not hard for someone who hasnt had a stroke(SPEACH). But for me it’s hard as hell.

zigzag pattern 2 chain linked fence

Actually this is one of the first exercise in the hospital. That is neither here nor there(England nor United States).

zigzag pattern 3 chain liked fence

Anyways here I go.


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