It was colder, darker

then it had been this past

winter. The invected

roamed the land; barricaded

ourselves on the island.

Taking our chickens, sheep,

horses and pigs to the barns.

We fought THEM off, saved

by the falling sleet, earth-

quake land. The rains begun . . .

the ice softened. When I

find her, trapped among

the weeds ad swamp forest

and ice, drowned with hair

so beautiful, her gown

very blue and dark red.

She was frozen, lips turned

blue-black, her dark face

turned towards the sun-

light like a florenza

sunflower wrapped in snow.

I cried millions of tears

before I got Ninel

to help me to shovel

her. Mama, with arrow,

shot her through; she built

a great, ever consuming

fire. We dug deep, getting

her free. We put her in

the fire and watched her burn

up. WE sat there, in sow

with out spears and arrows,

guns and swords, waiting for THEM

to come out. Now ready

to fight before the dawn

comes and breakfast awaits.


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