free first paragraph read

This is from a story that is probably going to take me a long while the complete, because I have to finish my dissertation. This is the finely chapter, first paragraph:

Last time I saw Andre it was in the large garden. It was an English gardener’s heaven. It was in the north wing. It had the most light but the least snowfall because of the way that the hospital grounds were and the hospital itself. When you went out there you were met by an arbor of vines: roses, kudzu, bittersweet and Passiflora that went in two different classical labyrinths of green growing things. Past the turf labyrinths were stone steps heading to an almost perfect circular pond were great heaps of lily pads and frogs. Past the pond they was a field, like a soccer pitch.But, on this side of the pond, set in the beach rock there here two tiered bleaches.


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