hey there

okay, two posts in one day is rather strange for me considering that i have usually been hard put to post once a month. however, i just posted the lyrics to a song by Thrice and realized that i had done so earlier. well i guess that is saying something about this song and how i am feeling right now. not to say that i feel like slicing my wrists but that maybe i need a personal angel (like in Artist in the Ambulance) to come and save me from whatever is tugging me down. okay, enough of the moroseness. . . i wrote a poem the other day to my girlfriend and i haven’t sent it to her cause of what was going on with us at the time and not wanting to feel like i was pushed into writing it and/or sending it. but, since here it is anyway:

choka for my heart

how about we meet

somewhere between lights dimming’s

atleast before death

life creates strange circumstance

somewhere between darks bright’ning

rain fell, thunder shuddered walls

my eyes closed with glee

thoughts of your thumping swam up

let’s meet, then let’s disappear

3 July 2009

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