okay, a rather weird title for this one, i know. however, since i am no longer a vegetarian i thought it would be nice to explain the why. last week, after blood test at the health clinic i was told that i have mild anemia — which is basically an iron deficiency. so now for better or worse i am making the long journey back to omnivorous territory. the sat think is that i take all kinds of vitamin/mineral supplements and that is not enough. so, by by to all the good intentions of trying to be healthy and i hope that going backwards is going to put my body back on track. but still no pork, that’s the devils food man.


3 thoughts on “Vegetarianism!

  1. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 5 months now and find it suits me well. I’m actually probably getting more protein now since I snack on things like cashews. I never was much of a meat eater.

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