McCain’s phone call to Obama

ok, don’t really know why this caught my eye today. . . it is obama day and all. but, i was reading, on CNN, about McCain’s phone call to Obama and it really made me sad. it made me sad because instead of it being about the country and about all of us, it runed into an us-against-them call. i know that i shouldn’t let any of the propaganda or slant of politicians get to me but it just dawned on me that that is why i didn’t like McCain. not so much because of all his constant attacks on Obama, and Obama saying nothing, but because he made me feel really dirty.

his comments on the phone were very telling. when he spoke of Obama’s victory he said that it was a great day for Obama’s country and for African-Americans. he did not say it was a victory for the rest of us. not for white, hispanics, asians, africans or anyone else that calls him/herself and American. very sad that even in a great victory for those who have been deplored for so long by the establishment (anyone not white) their is also the old slave owner’s mentality that nothing good will come of it.

what, after almost 300 years us unwanted can’t do better than the wanted. i don’t know, when was the last time that a Chinese-American started a fight over land rights and sovereignty that became a civil war? if the answer is never then atleast give us a chance. we can’t do worse, and we sure as hell can do better.

anyway, why didn’t anyone vote Nader, atleast the planet would be better off for sure?


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