the crazy rave

okay, so tonight officially started the whole going out and partying till you drop. we went out to College Lane and i lost my freaking credit card. so sick and all i had to walk like ten minutes back untill i found it in the grass where everyone could see. when i got back to the party i was not feeling it anymore. but, after a while i got my dance on and tried to forget all about my crazy ass life. which is what dancing is all about for me. the thing was suppose to end at 1 in the morning; but, at 0130 we where still there getting our groove on. the dj started to play all kinds of stuff. old school techno-80’s rock-jackson five. yeah, the jackson five. whatever.

when we got out we jumped into the nearest cab and where back home before anyone on campus got back. ordered pizza, and an hour later there it was. damn place closes at 2 in the morning and everything else closes at like 11 at night. no idea why, this being a college town and all. then as we sat and ate all kinds of people showed up thinking we where hosting a damn after party. we squashed that real quick. now at 0430 in the morning i am still so very awake.

i just put some white clothes to soak and tomorrow i will be on the lazy and just sleep, get wel, and do laundry.

still don’t know when my classes are going to actually be but i guess this week i will have too really get on that. confusing system in England. they have lectures and seminars for one class so that you are always doing something. so far it is actually really good. the campus layout is good. all my classes are like a three minute walk from my flat. the area is really beautiful. in fact one of the only intact Roman town in England is 30 minutes away by foot. i’m already planning my escape next week since i have nothing the whole week. maybe i will take a flight to Germany and bring my house mates with me. they are mostly from San Jose and it is there first time out of the U.S. so they might get a kick out of being in Germany.

we shall see.


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