yup. only a few more days and i am flying out of this bitch. this morning around 8 UPS came with a special happy happy joy joy delivery. . . . my mutherfucking passport with the entry clearance stamped like a damn tattoo. 

after, i went to CCSU and took care of things there. it looks like i have to get my official transcripts that very day that i leave. and, my grant money will not be there till the day i leave which means that i will be shitting bricks until i can check on it in London.

i hung out with A today for the last time. we threw rocks into the lake for the whole hour that we spent together and basically acted stupid. all in all a good time. now i have, maybe, tomorrow with KMC and then it’s all done. rest on wednesday and then get ready for the long ride to my new home.


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