one week, and counting

okay, so i still don’t feel happy about leaving. i do feel like leaving; i’m just not happy about it just yet. whatever though. i guess i should leave. i’m depression is setting in and i’m begining to hurt people that i love. not that it matters to them that i am all hurt up inside. i just want peace now, and some quiet.

to all those who have expressed a wish to see me before i go; i’m sorry that i am being such an ass. to those that don’t really care what happens to me: FUCK YOU. to the rest who are in the middle — don’t worry about it, soon it will not matter.

below i am posting an old poem of mine. i don’t’ know what i was thinking about then, but it seems to capture my feelings very well today:




ready to meet my one true fate

to see it all to its end

everywhere alone

alone and ready to go




alone and ready to die

death at my door

i can see it

but i run

run from what

from self

scared to live

scared to die

ready to see it to its end



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