E.R. Visit

ok, so i just came back from hartford hospital’s er. i really hate the er. . . any er. since i was a kid i have been in and out of the damn place. they don’t freak me out or anything. it’s just all the time that i spend in them makes me weary. i was in their once a week as a child. always the same damn nurse that knew everyone in my family. she always was so nice until she had to stick the needle in me — aaahhhhh. but, now all that i can do is crawl in there and hope that they fix me right up.

and they did. 3 hours later. 3 goes at duoneb. 1 visit to the x-ray machine. and a prescription of prednisone and now i am shaking like a small child. i’m a bit cold and i’m wonky. don’t care if thats not a word, i just am.


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