2 weekends

that’s all i have left at target. 2 more weekends and my time is done. i don’t even relly have that much time. this coming weekend i have given my hours to another pharmacy technician, and i don’t work on sunday. so, really it’s just one more weekend. i’m not really sad about leaving target, only about not having any reason for going back up to torrington and seeing all those people.

yesterday was my first day back in a week of being sick with asthma and who texts me — kylleen. i didn’t expect it. really that must have been the first time in months that she texted, or called me, and i don’t know what to make of it. i was going to stay after work and go to sean’s — this kid from work’s going away party — but after nbeing sadly disappointed by target and the power of my own lungs i went home and hoped not to die in a damn corner.

i really should just go to the hospital and take my shot of steroids like a good damn boy.


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