my last look

yeah, so i just went around the city of Hartford with my two sisters. the one visiting from Puerto Rico and the other showing her the sites. not much too see of the city. but, as we rolled through the old neighborhoods where we have lived, i realized that i have lived here for a very long time and that i will miss it so much this time.

i guess you might be done with the past, but the past is never done with you. what an insane, or is that inane, little saying. but, at the same time i think that my sadness about leaving is because i know that this time i will be leaving, and my heart will not be returning. i  have lost so much to the city, and inspite of the city. and yet, everything i have is because of it. Brooklyn gave me my will to tell a story; but, Hartford gave me the will to tell that story my way.

this is my dedication page to Hartford and to the pat. i will not say goodbye, just as i willnot forget. what i will say is see you when i get there.


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