home sweet. . . London

okay. it finally came. i have my home address in London now. i have the exact place that i wanted. my postal address is:

Flat 3 Kimpton Hall

de Havilland Campus

Hatfield, Herts AL10 9BL

you all know what that means. . . i have to go now. and so the damn thing starts to get really sad. i just had a fight with my ex over nothing. it almost killed me, but i made it through with the help of unexpected sources — and it wasn’t alcohol. we made up. said our apologies and all of that. but it feels like this move is gonna break up my friendships like no other move has. i mean, two guys can be friends and no matter what everything is honky dory; but, the opposite sex is different.

i think this is gonna ruin me, especially if she doesn’t come and see me while i am out there.


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