Red and Khaki

Okay, rather silly stuff keeps happening here. I have been working for Target for 2 years now and every time that I go to work I have the feeling that I am being abused out of my damn mind. At first I thought that it was just me — yes I am paranoid — but now I think that they have found some way to only hire people with mental problems as management. The people are okay at times; but, now and then i feel that i should have never started working there and that Target does this on purpose makes it much worse.

And then there is the fact that there is so much gossip and bullshit going on at Target, that just seems so wrong. I have talked it out with people who where raised in similar conditions as me and they agree that anywhere else all this gossip would end very badly.

I just can’t wait till I am free and clear and gone because being here is starting to make me sick. What makes it worse is that my ex works there and she is now starting to get that same feeling. What makes it worse is that she is starting to feel very much trapped by her condition and I cannot say a damn thing to her because she doesn’t trust my advice (but that will be left for another day and time).


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