Kick out the anti-anarchists?? part 2

i know. . . i know. i really should be asleep but something told me to check this out. some of these people really do know what they are talking about while others are looking for self-agrandizement. one guy in particular actually quoted me then said i didn’t know what i was talking about. wow!

Joaquin, thank you for backing me up while i was away. . . Miguel maybe you should learn how to read because you actually quoted the same exact quote that i gave. oh, and by adding the word revolution you don’t make anything better or greater. Mao used that same tactic: Cultural Revolution anyone; as did Stalin when he called anyone who was against him counter-revolutionaries. that ploy is simply a way to force people to go your way or fall at the wayside. however, this isn’t some frozen plain in Russia, or some mountain pass in China. this is the internet and we are all stewards of freedom here.

the reason that revolutions are prone to failure isn’t that there are too many voices but too few voices. it wasn’t till the end of the revolution that the sailors of Kronstadt saw that War Communism was evil and that the central commitee was grasping for all power. this also happened in the U.S. after the Revolutionary War the farmers came back and saw first hand curruption: Shay’s Rebellion.

or, maybe we should go further back to the Roman Empire and the triumvirate. i could possibly go on but i will not. i have learned that just because you can do a thing it doesn’t give you the right to do it. hence why the version of “free association” that you speak of is a pedantic matter. i want to meet people who know what they are talking about and are willing to go against the grain, not sheep who follow the old because it is the old. i don’t believe in utopian ideas and that is what the old teaches up.

so, maybe you should ask yourself what you have learned about anarchism today. rhetoric or action. they are both important but if you only learn one than all that you have done is gone half way.

if the anarchist revolution does happen i want my communities leader to give up power after the fight; however, if you where my leader it seems that you would kill off the best fighter then call them “heroes of the revolution” — that is what stalin did after WW2. i know my history and what i want is freedom without limits, not limited freedom.


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