Shisha and the girl

okay, so last week i went out and spent some real money. . . . yea, that is my shisha that you see. it is all brass with colored inlay. it is all mine and she is very beautiful. i have already smoke out of her like four times and she smokes real good. all that i have is apple flavored tobacco but maybe i will go and buy some mint later and mix that in.

i don’t know how i am to bring her home to the United States but when i do. . . i hope that my mom lets me smoke her there too. oh well, whatever happens will happpen whether i want it too or not. but i am ready too go home.

today i had a visitor. Elise came over. i was hanging with my head outside of my big ass windows when i saw her walking her dog. i wistled and called her name but she didn’t hear me so i did it again. when she heard me i hid so that she had to look around. when she finally saw me she and i got into abit of a conversation about — i don’t know what.

i invited her up and she came, dog and all. we sat around and looked at pictures on my laptop for awhile. maybe two hours or so then she left. damn she’s hot. if only she had no boyfriend. but. . . !

anyway, today is my day off and i have nothing to do. my house is clean and i am just sitting here wishing that i was at work. . . . i think that i have to finally get my ass in gear and try to get published. if i don’t i will just hat myself over the whole thing. i just. . . i just don’t know. it is so very hard to get my work out there. something to do with my past and not really having anyone trully believe in me — damn it. i really so hate Freud at times.


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