Kick out the anti-anarchists??

okay, this is from the anarcho-communism group over at myspace. they conversation began when the moderator wanted to clear up what was going on. people wanted to ban those that seemed anti-anarchistic and the conversation soon went from there. someone began posting long tireades with very good discussion materials and others where quoting the dictionary and getting ver pissed by its usage. so, of course i had to throw in my two-cents.

okay, i really wanted to read all of the above posts becasue they seemed to be written by knowledgeable political historians and the like; but, who the hell has time.

i might not understand the difference between marxism, and all it pluralistic forms (leninism, stalinism, maoism), and anarchism; however, in all my readings i have found one common thread and that is that freedom is what we all want. we might all see it in a different light. whatever that light might be doesn’t actually matter and neighter (spell check that for me please) doesquoting political theorists from 40-60 years ago and even farther back.

when i say that it doesn’t matter i don’t mean it as a downplay on their theories. i mean it as a complete show that it means nothing. they are just theories and it is up to us — here in the present — to wade through all the bullshit that those theorists did wrong and get to the core of their message.

someone else that we should learn from marxist-communists and he was correct. learn from the past and we will not redo the past.

now, on the topic of banning people — what kind of authoritarian crap is that. . . ! banning people only leads to one-ups-manship to see who has more knowledge. i don’t care about how much you know, but how much you ar willing to give up in the revolutionary fight.don’t ban anyone for having an opposing view, that will only get the ball rolling on why not ban people who aren’t anarchistic enough.

“Freedom of speech was written for speech that you don’t like. . .”
— Larry Flint vs. Congress

i like this saying of his. . . . it gets the point out. the founding fathers fo the u.s. made many mistakes but they knew that they had to protect the right of the population to talk, conversate. all of this leads to a better represntation of democracy — not stifling speech in order to get what you want. that is authoritarianism’s start.

thanks for hearing/reading me out.


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