why is it so hard not to kill something

i have 2 mice that seem to want to share my room with me. unfortunately i dont share that particular wish. so i go to homedepo for some traps. but i dont wish to kill them so my quest begins to find a way to trap them with out harming them.

i ended up haveing to talk with 5 different salesmen, run all over the store only to find out that they dont have any non-lethal traps…….

how ever i did find about 20 different ways to kill them. the boxes themselves disturbed me. “KILL MICE” “GARRENTEED DEAD” …. children have these things as pets. they are cute furry little creatures just looking for some place warm….why are we tryin to kill them…

salesman: well why dont you just get a normal trap?

me: cause i see no reason to kill them.

salesman: they are discusting and anoying, why dont you just kill them?

me: well your anoying me…can i kill you?

……she didnt find it very funny

i ended up having to go to a another store to find them. sorry just sick of humanity right now….

don’t worry we all get sick of other humans at some point. ever wonder why so many of our ancestors formed communities so far away from eachother and then stayed in those communities for the rest of their lives. or why farmers only left their farms to get supplies. we — humans — are made for small group living just like most other mammals.


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