Reluctant Lama on why he kicks people in the ass

This is Karma Ozer Thaye, the moderator, speaking to the group from Seattle this morning.

It seems like the entire world is already up and about while out here in the Pacific time zone we are just waking.

I appreciate the support of so many of you out there, and it means a lot to me that so many of you get what this group is about.

It has been an interesting couple of months we have enjoyed together and I appreciate the contributions of all of you.

When I read a post like the one the topic starter posted I can’t help but feel that I’m wasting my time here.

The yogi is simply a device that I use as moderator to represent the way in which my lineage, the Karma Kagyu, once flourished.

The internet is the last stand for this way of teaching, because everywhere else, the practice has been lost.

It’s a sad commentary on Buddhism in the West that the student is now the tail that wags the dog.

Teachers do what their students want and make a very nice living off of their students appetite for the dharma.

The once vibrant Eastern traditions are starving in the lap of luxury as the old ways have fallen to the wayside.

Although I’ve learned nothing from the teachers I’ve studied with, they have given me the gift of their lineage.

I’m therefore obligated, given where I am in my life, to do what I can to pass on our way of transmitting the dharma to another generation.

In a few short years, the old way will be gone forever, and all that will be left is the Disneyland version of the dharma.

The few will flourish with their book deals, teaching tours, and wonderful retreat facilities.

The many will be left to muddle their way along the path subsisting off of the table scraps that they scrounge from what remains.

In a very short time, the ‘Reluctant Lama‘ has become one of the largest Buddhist groups on Myspace.

Perhaps all is not lost, and together, we may well be able to make a difference, and change what seems to be inevitable.

We can only hope.

If you care about that which I speak, I ask that you do as I do, which is every day, try to invite as many people as you can to our group.

Simply do a Myspace search for people who indicate ‘Buddhist’ as their religion and hit the ‘invite to groups’ option.

If you do it enough, you are bound to sooner or later invite someone that will benefit from this group of ours.

Most Buddhists don’t have a clue what they are doing unfortunately, but it isn’t their fault.

An entire generation of teachers, across the board, have abandoned the many to service the needs of a few.

If you are offended by this as I am, I beg you all from the bottom of my heart to do what you can to change this situation before it’s too late.

Keep up the good work while I’m on vacation, and I look forward to returning to the group full time next week.


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