permanent self question?

this is another question of a buddhist spiritual nature that i answered in the buddhist group over at myspace. i hope that i got this right; maybe i have been reading too much advaita vedanta but here goes:

Buddha said there is no permanent self. what does that mean, when he means self does he mean your personality? or soul? just because there is no permanent soul, does that mean there is no soul? did buddha mention anything about a soul existing temprarily? If you believe in reincarnation then there must be a part of my old incarnation inside this incarnation.

good question: personality or soul? what you have to realize is that in sanskrit their are two terms that when translated into english both mean soul. the terms are jiva and atman. atman is related more closely with a soul and is the reason that the no soul thing pops up. while the buddha is not against a jiva — a personality type — that can and does go on.

the buddha says something akin to their is no everpresent atman only a semipresent jiva. i don’t think tht i am explaining this in the best way. this is why in buddhism their is no reincarnation, only rebirth.

reincarnation is when the atman comes back over and over; while, rebirth is when the jiva comes back.


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