maybe some people should just go back to christianity

this is from a post to the Buddhist group over at myspace. this man — Chris — wanted people to start to think so he wrote that “maybe some people should just go back to christianity” this is part of the conversation. he was very right. people think that karma/rebirth is some sort of magical revenge system. i don’t know how to explain it but her it goes:

t3h gringoWrote:

the wheel is just a circle, it is not meant to represent an actual wheel like the scales in ancient egyptian religions. it is ment to signify the moving nature of life. and science doesn’t disagree with this at all. look at chaos and order theories. and for those that want to know more about the mind and phsycology look at the abhidharmma pitakas.

scientists disagree with the language used until they are translated from the 3000 year old dead language to the modern english. most of the pitakas still hold. but the stories of flying are ment as examples of mind over matter/body not of actual things because the buddha himself said that all those powers could halt you on the path not help you.

no friend the wheel of samsara is meant to represent and show the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

you live
you die

you live
you die

you live
you die

all in a loop, if you are denying this then you have created your own wheel of samsara.

maybe you should learn to read, or get a dictionary because you aluded to it being a wheel while i said it “it is ment to signify the moving nature of life.” you proved me right unless you just want to have a pointless argument for the sake of argument.

chris you are so right. sometime people want to believe in someting so bad that they don’t you their power of reasoning to get through al of the little things. you don’t have to believe in karma or rebirth to be a buddhist. you just have to make homage to the triple gem:

1) the Buddha as the first to see the way and teach it
2) the Sangha as the community that will help you however it can
3) the Dharma as the thruth behind it all

the buddha never said that you didn’t have to believe in a god because he was trying to make people more ego-centric not more egotistical. oh, and god(s) in Santana Dharma is/are just representations of the world around us — which is really god in total. that is why the buddha was known to talk to gods, because he was talking to himself — he knew that everything was the same, that every sentient being must live within the scope of his teachings. by, the way this is why Hindu’s didn’t like him — he was against the caste system.


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