immagration rant

okay this is from a buddhist forum on myspace and it just seemed ripe for posting. i sould kind of naive i think but what the hell, this is who i am:

okay here i go. most of the immagrants coming into the u.s. from mexico are not actually mexican. they are from even further into latin america. the mexican government doesn’t protect its own southern border but it then pushes the immagrants up into the u.s. that is also one of the stated reasons that the zapatista movement has been waging war on the mexican government.

in christophers case that is a very negative situation. i have no real words to impart on that. the beauracracy in washington is overwealming.

on the matter of what to do it is very simple — and this is from george bush — get mexico to actually start to enforce their soutern border. oh and illegals come from canada everyday. they are called asians. they go from china and other parts of south east asia as tourists then cross the border in canada. it is not know how many come through because they are tracked less then at the mexican border.

the best way to stop illegal immagration is two fold:

1) force mexico to enforce their border

2) build up the economies of south america

or thirdly, and this is quite insane for me too think and to say:

confederate all of the americas. this is where nafta is going anyway so why not speed it up.

oh and for the guy who said that strawberries would cost more i think not for me. i am in connecticut and here we have farms for that sort of thing. i pick my own strawberries and the farmers actually get inner city children to pick strawberries and tobacco for them. that is mandated by the state so that at risk children will have something to do during the summer.


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