politicising an email

okay, here goes another post from an email to a new friend in maryland. she brings out the teacher in me so i had to put my last email into a blog post and here it goes:

yeah, i know what you mean about frustrating people. i’m in germany and people here think that bush, and the news media, speaks for every american. i’m constantly having to defend my country. i don’t like bush but it’s not right what outsiders say without actually being on the ground. the funniest thing is that the moment that the conversation goes in a direction that they don’t like they all of a sudden start up with teh whole “what do you know — your an american” very interesting hungh?

decolinization movements didn’t work really. the people in power just changed the way they handled foreign governments and the way that they used words. but, you are right it shouldn’t be allowed to go on!

do you realize that only once in the history of the middle east did they have a prolonged peace and that was before the crusades when the muslims ruled the land. everyone just did their thing. their where problems but not in the way that we think of them today. the crusades created a whole subculture of hate in the land by splitting it up into parts with exclusive memberships.

i agree that the u.s. should step back but no one wants to take control. europe is all about hands off politics and just letting everyone do what ever they want as long as it doesn’t affect them. asia is just starting to really mature politically. what does that leave? noting. anyway the last two times that the u.s. stepped back the world went to war against germany. it is a fine line that is being walked on at the present moment — very fine indead.

how i look at anarchism is the way that george washington looked at the federal government — hands off. let the people do as they please. keep the peace of the land and give the people room to help themselves. do not get in the way or put laws that get in the way of anyone being happy. that is all. anyway the declaration of independence is very clear on what a government should(n’t) do. look around do you feel that you are being represented? think about that? that is all that anarchism is about — libertarianism.

also, remember this saying — “a government for the people, by the people” not a people for the government, by the government.

i have never read anything by camus or ayn rand but have searched them online and think that i might read some camus. i respect anyone who would be willing to go head to head with sartes — i think that existensialism was way too mush of a bastardization of buddhism for me.


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