Slavery and its Destruction: an Anarchist’s Rant

alright, as some might have noticed i am posting more things about politics and getting more involved with the whole political scene here on myspace. well this present blog is from an anarchist forum. the members began to argue about malcolm x and then went into reparations for slavery so. . . as what looks like the only dark skinned person their i had to give my own view and her it is. unabrigded, and unedited, just for you:

okay. . . look first off whoever said the that anyone deserve anything was an ass. yes, my ancestors where slaves. yes, i come from puerto rico — which was one of the first stops on the international slave trade. however, i don’t want shit back. i agree with the above article. no damn slave’s decendents need get anything. i would be happy with a good scholarship for school and maybe a sandwich once in a while [not a joke]. white, black, yellow or whatever you are someone did wrong to you and you don’t deserve shit for it. we are all here and it is time to forgive — i did not say forget, i said forgive.

but, in truth the problem isn’t that no one wants to do something for the decendents of slavery. it’s just what do you do? how do you say that you are sorry and/or make reperations for a millenia of african servitude? you don’t. you stop it from happing now! you stop whining about the past and learn from it. you use the capitalist system that we all live under too destroy companies that still wish to enslave the proleteriat across the globe. remember, if a million people stop buying from wal-mart because of theri use of wage-slave labor in china then wal-mart goes and changes their practices. that is what you do. think about the president of nike — she is having a hard time forcing the stock owners to trust her as she tries to get away from abusing the proleteriat workers of the philipines. this is what we all need to fight — the racism that is helped by capitalism.

again, stop arguing about who is right and what should be done and go out and use your capitalist earnings to fight for workers rights; because until we all band together slavery will always go on.


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