Povre Diabla

as i sit here on the floor in my very ugly german home and eat my 7-layer burrito i wonder why i am alone. have i dont this to myself. maybe i could have a life here in germany if i let it happen. i just don’t know. all these what ifs. i just hope that in the end i am making the right choice by going back — but is it really my choice. i keep feeling like i am being pulled back. i think that maybe i need to go back and see for myself “with eyes unclouded by hate.” sorry i love the anime princess monanoke.

oh and some of my work might be published in connections magazine. it will be my first work to be published if i can let it go. it will be a travel peice about my trip to lisbon, portugal. and the pictures from my trip would be published as well. so two publications in one. whoa. . . maybe i should get those business cards made. lol.


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