my lonely tat

okay. i just got asked that same question again. so i thought that maybe it was time that i wrote a blog about it — my tat. okay, my tat is the ancient sun god and prtector spirit of the boriquas. the boriquas are the indiginous people of puerto rico. they are my ancestors. they drew petroglyphs — rock writing — all over the puerto rico. however, in the uplands and mountainous core of the island they hid from the spanish invaders. in fact you can visit one of there hiding places. it is a huge cave system in arecibo — the same place where the largest radio telescope is.

well since they are my ancestors and i live far from the island i took it upon myself to get this tat as a reminder of who i am and where i come from. so in short, that is why i have a tat of a sun on my left arm. it is my one and only tat for now. i have an idea for more but that will not happen for sometime.


ohh and jess. you know that you are so very crazy for reading this only to hear about yourself. so here it is. i told you i would write somethin in about you. hahaha.


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