sickness and religion — cough cough

damn i am so sick. no, really i am very sick today. but still i am better off than yesturday. at work everone was like dude! you look like you gonna fall over. all i do was hold on to things and hope that a customer would call the police if i went head first into the espresso machine.


well, some of you might have noticed taht i actually joined some groups on here. yeah yeah i know what i have said but i had to do it. i can’t be apart form the community i need a group to belong to. but my god some of the posts are so crazy. we all — all of the world — have a lot of growing up to do. i mean come on. why can’t we all sit and talk with out trying to one up eachother.

i can remember the first day of comparative religion, the teachers first words where that “to truelly understand another religion and or culture you had to get rid of your own disbelief.” what that means is that we all have to be able to allow people to have theri own thoughts. we are not one people no matter what posters might say.

while economies and governments are going toward this whole globalization thing like a shot out of a loaded .45 that doesn’t mean that we have to do so as well. we are people firsts and our cultures second.


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