i know, capitalization. . . whoa!! anyway i have decided that just as soon as i can i will be getting rid of my ibook and getting one of those nifty new macbook pros from apple. hopefully they will lower the price abit and i can get it here in germany without too much of a hassle. i will be putting slackware linux on that bad boy if i can.

that is so insane. i finally went and joined the linux group here at and it made me think of my first forays into the open source/ free operating system market. it was way back in 1995 when the internet was young and i was —well, younger. i got and early 1993 laptop and put minix on that bad boy. i heard of this thing called linux and was all like alright.

then in 1997 i was in college and was allowed to take a linux administration class with the school’s admin as the teacher. that was way cool. he was so pissed off at me when i threw red hat away and put slackware onto my box. ohh the heady days of youth.

that was so long ago. i have now used minix, red hat, slackware, debian, netbsd, freebsd, mac osx and a whole bunch of other linux distibutions that have come and gone. but still, when i think of the easiest distro i always think of bsd. however, when i think software i think linux. and that is why slackware kicks as. the best of both worlds all wrapped in a tight, small package.

whatever anyone tell you about linux is a lie until you use it. windows and mac osx are okay but for what i want real unix-like is the best and slackware/freebsd are it for me.


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