visiting and marriage

what would be so bad about being trapped for the rest of your life in a relationship that made you feel good. that is what marriage is supposed to be isn’t it. a type of trap for all the people that need traps and tricks to do right. mayhap that is why all the major religions have called it holy. . . because they need a reason to get people to do it.


anyway, tomorrow is the day. i will finally meet the elusive sandra. she was like the second person that i met here on myspace and tomorrow i will meet her in person. that i feel wierd about all of this. you know its like when you where a kid. i felt amazement when my mother told me about school and all the leraning — yes i am a nerd — that could be done there. however when she left me alone i was so damn scared.

atleast i am older now and will not be crying. . . . i hope i don’t cry anyway. okay. . . okay.


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