girls girls girls

did anyone ever watch that movie by elvis presly. it is called girls girls girls and it rules. me and my sister forced my mother to buy this for us back in the day when vhs was all you had. what a great damn movie. most of the greatest songs by him are in it.

that is not why i decided to write something here, again. it is just that i thought about what is on a friend of mines blog. she posted what her kind of lad would be like and i thought she was onto something.

i really don’t have much of a preference. i think in a reggaeton song they put it best. i want a girl who looks good, cooks and cleans and is willing to take all of my shit. that would be the perfect girl. that is what i am ready for because in truth i am willing to give the same back.

not to sound like an asshole but i am not a player, a baller or any of those words. i am a poet and a writer. that means that i am really fucked up at times. i have a very strict honour system which puts me at odds with the rest of the world at times. what is worse is that i am always thinking. . . that is bad because i am hardly ever aware that most people don’t think about the complexity of life and therefore think tha i am aloof at best. closed at worst. i am neighter. once a person is my friend they have to really fuck up to get crossed of my list. they are family so i give them alot of room to breathe.

but mostly i am overly sarcastic and i can take it in kind which means that most people think that i am joking all of the time. OKAY FORGET THAT I SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SUBJECT!!!


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