i do not know what women really want or for that matter what anyone really wants. i have been in a quandry for sometime about this one. i mean i want to get married, meet a woman who could be mine foreever and a day, settle down. yes, these are all out of order and not in anyway am i a romantic nut. i do not love love. i think love stinks. really, no joking on this.

what is love anyway, just a feeling that can go away and come back at will. well i am looking for a woman who understands this and isn’t looking for some bullshit about love. i am looking for the kind of girl who will just listen to what i want because really when most guys talk they are always ready to go in another direction. they just want someone to at the least listen to what they have to say.

well, i had better wrap this crap up. i some times think that i rant to much but really. . . . ranting is what happens when no one is really listening and you speak out about it.


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