As any one who has been reading this blog might know. I am from the Island of Puerto Rico in the Carribean. We are Spanish by descent just like the rest of Southern America, except Brazil they speak Portuguese.

Well today is Thanksgiving and for the first time I am alone in Germany on a holiday. So I went and ate at a brand new Italian restaurant a block from my house. These are real Italians straight out of Sicily. The cooks and everybody are from It ally — so we all get to talking very slowly of course in our native languages = slow as Latin. That was so great the fact that while the other customers are speaking Deutcsh they can’t understand a word we are saying and they don’t think that we are crazy Americans or whatever Europeans might think.

It’s like, I know more than one language I might even know yours. Spanish is my first tongue. Then English, but I understand Portuguese, Latin, Italian very few words in Germany and I use to know Mandarin Chinese. So their. Not every American is uni-lingual, remember that the U.S. is a huge place and all over it are different people. You can’t really include one language. English is the lengua franca of the U.S. but no except for Native Americans is actually more than 3 – 6 generations American. And also realize that we are all Americans — it is a continent not a country.


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