Holiday Tomorrow

Hello. For all of you out there that don’t know this. It will be a holiday for all the U.S.A. The holiday is called Thankgiving. It is the day that the Native Americans of Massachusets gave the Pilgrims food and provissions for the coming winter. THe Natives did this out of compassion and the spirit of giving. They wanted to help and give aid to the new people. However, not too many years after that same tribe was being wiped out by the self same Pilgrims.

I might not have ever said this before but I am patly native American — all West Indians are. My people are the Tainos of Borinque, also known as Puerto Rico. My people where bassically wiped out by the Spanish and those that where left intermingled with the African Slaves. I’m not going to go into that since any history book will have better information than any I can give.

I think that I rambled on a bit but I just wanted to let everyone know what tomorrow will be. It is a day when people give thatnks for all the great things that have been given to them by god. So Happy Thanksgiving to all that need the merriment and cheer.


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